What is the current price of property in Bangalore?

Are you intrigued by the prospects of investing in Bangalore’s thriving real estate market? If you’re looking to invest in the bustling real estate market of Bangalore, you’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the current property prices in Bangalore, backed by an array of statistics, comparisons, and figures and uncovering the factors that influence them and offering valuable information at your fingertips, you’ll be well-equipped to make a savvy decision in the fast-paced world of Bangalore’s real estate. Whether you’re a potential buyer, seller, or simply curious about the property market, let’s explore the exciting landscape of real estate in Bangalore.

What is the current price of properties in Bangalore

Understanding Bangalore's Real Estate Market

Booming Demand:  Bangalore, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a city that boasts a dynamic and diverse real estate market. As a thriving tech hub, it attracts a large number of professionals and entrepreneurs, making it a hotbed for property investment. The demand for residential and commercial properties in the city has been on the rise, driving the prices upwards in recent years. In the past year alone, the city’s real estate demand surged by an astounding 20%, underscoring its magnetism for property investors.

Factors Influencing Property Prices:


Location is paramount when it comes to property prices in Bangalore. Areas in close proximity to major IT parks, educational institutions, and other key infrastructures tend to command higher prices due to convenience and accessibility. Properties in such areas have witnessed an impressive 15% to 20% price appreciation, clearly reflecting their allure for buyers seeking convenience and accessibility.

Infrastructure Development

The development of robust transportation networks in Bangalore has ignited a real estate boom. With the successful expansion of the metro lines and strategic highways, property prices in connected regions have soared by an average of 25% in the last two years. Upcoming infrastructural projects can drive prices up in anticipation of increased connectivity and convenience. For example, Birla Trimaya prices in Shettigere Road, Devanahalli tend to appreciate rapidly due to various ongoing commercial developments in the vicinity such as 3000 acres of KIADB Aerospace Park, 50 acres of IFCI Financial city and is also fuelled by upcoming 10,000 acres of Devanahalli Industrial Township and metro line connectivity.

Supply and Demand

Like any market, the real estate sector in Bangalore is subject to the forces of supply and demand. Areas with limited available properties from reputed developers like Birla Estates and high demand from buyers will naturally see higher price trends.

Economic Factors

The overall economic health of the country and the region plays a role in influencing property prices. Positive economic growth often leads to increased property prices. At present, the economic health of India is highly favourable and provides an excellent climate for all kinds of investments.

Government Policies

Changes in government policies, such as tax regulations and incentives for property developers, can have both short-term and long-term effects on property prices. At present if you see, the Karnataka government has taken measures to boost the real estate sector for both developers and buyers by offering incentives like reduced stamp duty and registration fees for buyers, and implementing single-window clearance and faster approvals for developers, creating a conducive environment for growth and investment.

Current Property Price Trends

As of the most recent data available in 2023, the property prices in Bangalore have shown a steady upward trajectory. Residential and commercial properties have shown distinct yet equally promising trends.

The current price of property in Bangalore varies depending on the location, size, and type of property. However, as of 2023, the average price of a property in Bangalore is around ₹5,000 per square foot.

The Residential Realm

Residential properties in prime locations have seen an average increase of 8% to 12% over the past year.

Infographic showing the Average price of residential properties across Bangalore: Current Property Price Trends across Bangalore

Average price of residential properties across Bangalore

       Here is a breakdown of the average prices of different types of properties in Bangalore:

  • 1 BHK Apartment: ₹5,000-6,000 per square foot
  • 2 BHK Apartment: ₹6,000-6,500 per square foot
  • 3 BHK Apartment: ₹6,500-7,000 per square foot
  • 4 BHK Apartment: ₹7,000-8,000 per square foot
  • Independent House: ₹9,000-11,000 per square foot

Across various prominent localities, the per square foot rate for residential properties even ranges from ₹12,000 to ₹18,000. High-demand neighbourhoods near tech parks, such as Devanahalli, Bagalur, Electronic City and Whitefield, have reached the higher end of the spectrum due to increased demand and limited inventory.

Commercial Real Estate Gems

Commercial properties have experienced a staggering 30% appreciation in key business districts, cementing Bangalore’s status as a lucrative commercial real estate market. In Bangalore’s bustling central business districts, commercial properties have witnessed remarkable growth. With per square foot rates in central business districts can range from ₹25,000 to ₹35,000 and beyond, the commercial sector’s allure for businesses and investors alike is undeniable.

Infrastructural Impact

Recent infrastructure developments, such as the completion of metro lines and expressways, have acted as significant catalysts for price surges in specific areas. For example, the opening of a new metro line in the HSR Layout region led to a staggering 35% increase in property prices within a year.

Comparing Bangalore with Other Indian Cities:

Bangalore vs. Mumbai

While Mumbai is renowned for its sky-high property prices, Bangalore presents a more favourable investment landscape. The average residential property prices in Mumbai are more than double those in Bangalore, making the latter an attractive destination for those seeking affordability without compromising on returns.

Bangalore vs. Delhi-NCR

Compared to Delhi-NCR, Bangalore’s real estate market has witnessed a steadier appreciation, with prices rising at a more consistent rate. Delhi-NCR’s market is more volatile due to political factors, making Bangalore a relatively stable and secure investment option.

Tips for Property Buyers:

Research Thoroughly

Before making any investment, conduct in-depth research on the areas that interest you, considering factors like future growth potential, amenities, and neighbourhood safety.

Budget Wisely

Set a realistic budget and explore financing options that suit your financial capabilities.

Engage a Reputable Agent

Enlist the services of a reliable real estate agent with a good track record to help you navigate the market and find the best deals.

Inspect Properties Carefully

If possible, personally inspect the properties you’re interested in to assess their condition and evaluate whether they meet your requirements. If required, you should also get a home inspection done by experienced Civil Engineer to ensure that the property is in good condition.


So, investing in Bangalore’s real estate market can be a lucrative venture, given the city’s thriving economy and growing demand for properties. Bangalore’s real estate market is dynamic and presents a golden opportunity for investors and those seeking a new home. The city’s property prices have shown steady growth, fuelled by factors like prime locations, infrastructure development, and a booming tech industry. Whether you’re eyeing residential properties or looking to venture into the commercial realm, armed with our statistical insights and comparisons with other Indian cities, you’re now equipped to make an informed and smart investment decision. Remember to conduct thorough research, set a budget, and by staying updated with the latest market trends and enlisting the help of reputable professionals, to secure the best deals. Embrace the opportunities in Bangalore’s vibrant real estate market and embark on a journey of successful and rewarding investments. Happy property hunting!