Birla Vanya Kalyan: Your Gateway to Exceptional Living

Birla Vanya Kalyan, a remarkable residential project located in the heart of Kalyan West, Thane, Mumbai, sprawled across an expansive 21 acres of integrated development. Boasting an impressive total of 850 units, this extraordinary community offers an abundance of greenery, with over 7 acres of lush green spaces thoughtfully interspersed within. You’ll discover a treasure trove of amenities, over 30 in number, thoughtfully designed to enhance your everyday living experience.

These residences are thoughtfully distributed across four towers in Phase 1, and introducing three new towers – Aruni, Asita, and Aadhira in Phase 2, all rising to a towering G+23 floors. The unit variants cater to diverse preferences, encompassing 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments. Anticipated possession begins from December 2024 onwards, offering an exciting opportunity to secure your dream home.

For those seeking a cozy yet elegant living space, the 1 BHK apartments at Birla Vanya Kalyan offer a carpet area of 450 Sq.Ft. Starting at an attractive price of 62 Lakhs, these units are perfect for individuals or small families looking to make this prestigious address their home.

Moving up the scale, the 2 BHK apartments provide even more space, boasting a generous carpet area of 729 Sq.Ft. Starting from Rs. 1 Crore onwards, these units offer a perfect balance of comfort and affordability, making them an ideal choice for families looking for a bit more room to grow.

For those desiring more room to spread their wings, the 3 BHK apartments at Birla Vanya Kalyan are an excellent option. With a carpet area of 922 Sq.Ft., these units start from Rs. 1.27 Crore onwards, offering a spacious and well-designed living space for larger families or those who simply prefer more room to live, work, and play.

At the pinnacle of luxury and space, the 4 BHK apartments provide an expansive carpet area of 1315 Sq.Ft. Starting from Rs. 1.81 Crore onwards, these units cater to those with a taste for grandeur and the desire for a truly luxurious living experience.

Birla Vanya Kalyan is a testament to excellence, developed by Birla Estates, a name synonymous with quality and trust. Located in the rapidly evolving smart city of Kalyan, this project benefits from superb connectivity to major cities such as Mumbai, Nashik, and Pune. Launched in April 2019, Birla Vanya Kalyan proudly holds RERA approval with the registration number P51700029755, guaranteeing transparency and compliance with regulations.

Birla Vanya Kalyan: Your Gateway to Exceptional Living. Similarly Birla Trimaya in Bangalore

What sets it apart is its commitment to enhancing your quality of life. The concept of Life Designed Homes ensures that every aspect of your living space is meticulously crafted to cater to your needs, promoting longevity and satisfaction. Moreover, it’s not just a residence; it’s a legacy designed for generations to cherish.

The array of amenities is nothing short of extraordinary, featuring a Lounge Bar Terrace, Business Centre, Swimming Pool, Club Dining Room, Spa and Salon, Indoor-Outdoor Cinema, Multi-Purpose Function Hall, Poolside Cabana, Library Café, Indoor Play Area, Toddler Play Area, Adventure Area, Exercise Area, State-of-the-art Gymnasium, Squash Court, Aerobics Room, Yoga Room, Badminton Court, Swimming Pool, Spinning Studio, and a Physiotherapy Room. There are abundant delights for every family member to savor and relish.

Behind the architectural brilliance of Birla Vanya Kalyan are the lead architects and masterplanners, the renowned Architect Hafeez Contractor, and the landscape designers, Coopers Hill Singapore PTE LTD from Singapore. Construction is entrusted to the highly esteemed Shapoorji Pallonji, a name synonymous with excellence in the construction industry. The interior design consultant, Rdm Design Sdn Bhd, ensures that the interiors are as exquisite as the exteriors.

Birla Vanya Kalyan’s address is opposite Century Rayon Chemical Plant, Murbad Road, Shahad, Kalyan(W) Mumbai, with a pincode of 421103, places it conveniently for easy access and assures a modern, sustainable, and well-connected way of life. This residential enclave is set to become India’s iconic landmark, embodying Birla Estates’ esteemed 125-year legacy of crafting exceptional living spaces. One of the standout features of Birla Vanya Kalyan is its beautifully landscaped gardens, which create a serene oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. These gardens not only provide a peaceful retreat but also offer unobstructed views of the city skyline, making every moment spent here truly special. Situated in the Mumbai Suburbs area, Birla Vanya Kalyan enjoys a prime location that is highly sought after by those who value luxury and convenience.

The builder behind this remarkable project is committed to delivering a quality living experience to the community of Kalyan, Mumbai. The architectural brilliance of Birla Vanya Kalyan is a testament to their dedication to providing an equivalent lifestyle to that of global standards. Kalyan, situated in western Maharashtra state, is steeped in history, having been fortified by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahān during the Mughal period. Today, it has evolved into a bustling city that forms a vital part of the Greater Mumbai urban agglomeration.

Birla Vanya’s strategic location ensures excellent connectivity to key areas such as Parel, Peninsula Business Park, Dadar, Mumbai International Airport, and various other essential facilities. The convenience of accessibility is just one of the many aspects that make this project truly exceptional.

What sets Birla Vanya apart is its unwavering commitment to responsible design, intuitive planning, efficient space utilization, and sustainability. Every square inch of this development has been meticulously crafted with these principles in mind. It’s not just about providing an unparalleled living experience for the present but also about safeguarding and preserving the land it stands on for future generations.

One of the project’s primary objectives is to achieve Green Building Certification (Gold rated) for its entire portfolio. This signifies a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. Birla Vanya aims to actively promote and implement water conservation measures across all its projects and operations. This initiative not only reduces the environmental footprint but also lowers operating costs, making it a win-win situation for both residents and the planet.

Additionally, Birla Vanya is dedicated to creating living and working environments that prioritize the health and well-being of its occupants. This includes incorporating low-flow fixtures to conserve water, implementing a dual-flushing system for efficient water usage, and utilizing recycled water for flushing and gardening purposes, thus promoting sustainable water consumption. Moreover, the project features an effective rainwater harvesting system, ensuring optimal utilization of this precious resource.

In the realm of cutting-edge sustainability, Birla Estates shines with LED-based lighting fixtures that form the bedrock of an energy-efficient lighting system. Committed to environmentally responsible construction, the project meticulously aligns its building orientation to minimize cooling demands, substantiated by comprehensive design studies. Further enhancing sustainability, energy-efficient lifts, motors, and pumps are seamlessly integrated to ensure the project’s operations are as sustainable as they are efficient.

The commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources is evident through the incorporation of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells and solar hot water systems, wherever applicable, empowering Birla Vanya Kalyan with a green energy backbone. Health-conscious choices extend to the use of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) agents in paints and adhesives, promoting indoor air quality.

Waste management is a top priority, with segregated wet and dry waste bins ensuring responsible waste disposal. Organic waste is diligently managed to produce nutrient-rich compost, reducing the project’s environmental footprint. Embracing the digital age responsibly, Birla Vanya Kalyan includes provisions for effective e-waste management, emphasizing recycling and disposal practices for electronic waste. Architectural brilliance also plays a role, with an optimal window-to-wall ratio meticulously calculated to meet daylighting needs, enhancing energy efficiency and resident well-being.

However, what truly distinguishes Birla Vanya Kalyan is the illustrious legacy and reputation of Birla Estates, a name synonymous with industrial excellence in India for over 125 years. The culmination of this legacy with competitive pricing in a luxurious project, set in the prime location of Kalyan, makes it an unbeatable proposition for those seeking the epitome of modern living. Birla Vanya Kalyan isn’t just a residential project; it’s a testament to sustainable, high-quality living intertwined with a legacy of trust and excellence.

So, Birla Vanya Kalyan offers more than just a residential experience; it presents a lifestyle redefined. It seamlessly integrates luxury, connectivity, and sustainability, setting new standards for contemporary living. If you aspire to experience modern living at its finest, look no further. Welcome to Birla Vanya Kalyan, where luxury meets life, and every moment is designed to make a lifetime of memories. Birla Trimaya stands as the highly acclaimed and thriving pre-launch development in North Bangalore.